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Need career guidance

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    i'm sure you guys get a lot of this by the end of the semester, but anyways, I'm graduating with a bachelors in math this semester, and haven't been able to find anything as a job. I'm planning on going to grad school, but just cannot do it yet, so want to take the time that i'm off in finding a job.

    what do you guys reccomend for a job for a math graduate? my interest is usually applied math, mainly statistics, but just can't find anything...

    i've tried monster.com and usajobs.gov, but still no give,....just want to see if you guys have any leads....
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    I found it very hard to find temporary jobs of any kind. Training newbies costs money and jobs hope people will stay. I even had trouble getting a job lugging meat in the meat market, but enjoyed it for, a coup[le of years.

    as a high school student i changed policies in an insurance company but they too hoped i would stay there as a future (and the boss was my distant cousin). after getting a couple of years grad school i found a job teaching in a small college but that would be unlikely today. some people i knew with broad science training taught in private schools or prep schools.

    since you want to go to grad school, you might find a summer research experience that is paid by a grant.

    at harvard in the old days recruiters came around to the dining halls and offered us summer jobs of various kinds, even in factories, just because the guy said they "liked harvard students".

    there should be a job office at your scvhool, and you should use it. jobs are obtained via connections and as soon as you leave school you no longer have as many of those.

    the one thing that got me the beef lugging job, was I told the boss what my mother always told me to say: "I have no experience but I can learn to do anything anybody else can do."
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    That's a good line. Thank your mother for me. :)

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