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Homework Help: Need challenging vector problems

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    We are doing vectors in physics, and the only practice problems we have are redundant and simply ones in the book, which go no further than simply calculating the vector components and adding them or solving for unknown components. Does anyone know where I can find challenging vector problems?
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    The vector problems they give you in the book are probably all you'll need to know to do the physics at the level your learning.

    I would imagine the next step being cross and dot products for things like torque and work.
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    Make some up. You can make them as difficult as you want that way.
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    You can search for "vector" in this forum. For example, here is a recent problem.
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    Are you only looking for basic pre-calculus vector questions, or also vector calculus? There are some fairly challenging vector calculus problems out there...
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    We are doing precalc vector problems in class, but I have learned, on my own, concepts of calculus, and some vector concepts taught in the calculus class. Could you point me to a specific topic?
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    Interesting problem here - to derive vector operator~
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    Derive vector operator? Well you have the operator "del" and then you have curl and divergence, but I'm not exactly sure what you mean...
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