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Need Circuit/plans for VHF AM reciever

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    can someone plz post some plans + components list for a VHF AM reciever (or a transciever) Freq range of about 100MHz - 130MHz. Thx in advance. :smile:
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    You want to build it, or do you just want to see what it looks like? If you want to build it, would you be okay with building it from a kit? The PCB layout and component choice are pretty critical for making a good radio receiver, so if you want to try laying out your own PCB, you're in for a lot of extra work for your first try.

    Also, do you want to make the old style of receiver (several hand-tuned L-C resonant stages), or a newer style (with a PLL synthesizer circuit core)?
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    I'm assuming you an want to build an aircraft receiver. Unfortunately, you can't build a tranceiver becuase FCC does not allow trasmission at these frequencies.

    One simple approach is building a super regenerative receiver. Although tuning it will be pain the butt at first.

    Another approach is making a heterodyne receiver. It's more complicated but is also way more superior. And if you do it with a synthesizer thats a big plus.

    I recommend getting a kit from Ramsey.
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    just one little thing, i live in Australia and i could only find one kit that does that and it said VHF AM/FM but i have only managed to get the FM working. i am looking for something that i can build. i did see something in the shop called "print it out circuit boards". thx
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    I googled VHF AM reciever kit and got a lot of hits. Do any of those kits look good for you?
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    Building a transceiver should be no problem, but if itsjustme wishes to transmit from an aircraft, just be sure to acquire the appropriate operator's license for that band.

    I also noted several reasonable kits web searching, using key words (VHF AM aircraft receiver). Try difference search engines too.

    If what you really want, is to hear the VHF AM aircraft band, I would look around at local radio flea markets for handheld or base model radio scanners (with that band allocation coverage). Good quality used scanners can be found for much cheaper than you can build one.
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    i might just do the google search, thx guys.
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