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Need clarification on solubility interaction

  1. Jul 17, 2011 #1
    Can someone please help me clarify these points:
    - Is this statement true? Cation tend to be smaller than anions because when an electron is removed from a neutral atom, the nucleus (+) would be held more tightly (contracts) . Anions tend to be bigger (add electron), and thus you have a extra negative charge on the outside, the extra electron want to be repelled by the other electrons thus charge of anion gets bigger. [Sorry bad grammar]
    - Why can cations solvate more readily than anions
    - When water dissolute NaCl, does that mean that the polar water molecules effectively isolates the sodium and chlorine ion thus becoming a solution?
    - Is it true as sodium chloride dissolves, four water molecules attach to the sodium ion? then how many bond with chlorine

    Thanks ALOT to the people who helped me!!!
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