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Need conversion help

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    Hi newguy here :blushing:
    Heres the problem:

    If one fluid ounce treats 2-1/2 gallons, how many ounces (or mililiters) are to be added to a .45 liter tank?

    I want to add fuel stabilizer to my weed eater gas tank.
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    IIRC,"ounce" (avoirdupoids) is a unit for MASS,while "gallon" is for VOLUME/CAPACITY...So u need the density...
    So it's not "OUNCES (or MILLILITERS)",but OUNCES...


    P.S.Roughly 1 gallon=~4.54l...In the UK,or 1 gallon=~3.78l in the US.
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    I'll take mililiters also. Density? Don't know that. The bottle simply says 1 ounce treats 2-1/2 gallons (U.S.) The tank is .45 liters. Just assume the tank is full of gas. Maybe thats the density.
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    0.45 litres is roughly 0.1 gallons (actually 0.099 british gallons or 0.119 US gallons - found this here, not sure which you're using). So if one fluid ounce treats 2.5 gallons and you want to treat 0.1 gallons you'll need 0.1/2.5 = 0.04 fluid ounces, which is little more than one millilitre:
    [tex] \frac{1\mbox{ fl-oz}}{2.5 \mbox{ gal}} = \frac{x \mbox{ fl-oz}}{0.1\mbox{ gal}} \implies x = \frac{1\mbox{ fl-oz}}{2.5 \mbox{ gal}}\times 0.1\mbox{ gal} = 0.04\mbox{ fl-oz}[/tex]
    Hope that helps.
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    Thank you!
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    Google is really very useful for these things. For example, you could type speed of light in furlongs per fortnight, and it will convert it for you.

    Just a tip :wink:
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    How about feet per eternity...?? :confused: Can they do that??? :bugeye:

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