Need Detailed Wind Speed Data

I've been searching the internet far and wide but cannot seem to the wind speed information I want. I need a graph or table of wind speed vs. time, where the time scale is very small, on the order of seconds. I did find one graph here; [Broken] to give you an idea of what it is I'm looking for, but that just isn't enough I'm afraid.

Anybody happen to know where I could find more of that?

Thanks a lot,
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6" [Broken] is probably your best bet and is as good as your going to get. Getting even adequate wind data over periods of hours let alone seconds is a very difficult and expensive ordeal. If you want reliable data over a period of seconds your probably going to have to measure it yourself.

EDIT: This is my 666th post......creepy.
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Haha, creepy indeed.

But re-reading that link I posted, I don't even thinK THAT contains the data I need! I mis-read... the data that has is 1 minute average wind speeds, not instantaneous wind speeds FOR 1 minute. Ugh.

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