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Need Explination (linear Indpendance)

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    A and B are both Matricies,

    Suppose the last column of AB is entirely zero but B itself has no column of zeros. What can be said about the columns of A?

    Answer: The columns of A are Linearly Dependant.

    Question: Why?
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    Are A and B contravariant vecotrs? is AB their inner (scalar) product? If so, i'm not sure how it can have columns, please clarify.
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    edit, A and B are each a different Matrix.
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    matt grime

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    take a column in AB, what do the entries represent? are they in some way related to linear combinations of the columns of A? (yes they are, that isn't rhetorical) and a column of zeroes might mean that.... fill in the blanks using the definition of linear (in)dependence.
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