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Need for a solving method

  1. Aug 24, 2006 #1
    I have this problem that I need to code . But I have problem about how to find the math method.

    A government research lab has concluded that an artificial sweetener commonly used in diet soda will cause death in laboratory mice. A friend of yours is desperate to lose weight but cannot give up soda. Your friend wants to know how much diet soda it is possible to drink without dying as a result.
    Write a program to supply the answer.
    The input to the program is the amount of artificial sweetener needed to kill the mouse, the weight of the mouse, and the weight of the dieter. To ensure the safety of your friend, be sure that the program requests the weight at which the dieter will stop dieting, rather than the dieter‘s current weight. Assume that diet soda contains one tenth of 1% artificial sweetener.
    Use a variable declaration with the modifier const to give a name to this fraction. You may want to express the percentage as .001.

    Please can someone help me how to find the quantity of diet soda to drink without dying.
    It seems simple but I dont get it.

    Thank you
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    I would calculate the deadly amount of sweetener per unit of mass (from the firtst 2 inputs). If you multiply this with the third input you get the deadly amount of sweetener for the dieter. Multiplying the resoult by 100 should give you the amount of soda.
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