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Homework Help: Need formula for absolute pressure/force problem

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    I am taking an online quiz and I have been looking for 3 days for a way to solve this problem (all I need are the formulas, the math I can handle on my own).

    It's a 2 part question. Here goes.

    What is the absolute (!) pressure on the bottom of a water filled swimming pool 25.0 m by 12.40 m whose uniform depth is 1.86 m ?

    and then

    What is the total force on the bottom of that swimming pool?
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    What is the weight of the water and air supported by a unit of area of the pool bottom?
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    Welcome to PF!
    Have you heard of hydrostatic pressure?
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    The water and air are normal weight at sea level, and no, hydrostatic pressure is new to me.
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