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Need formula

  1. Aug 5, 2007 #1
    ...to be used in a spreadsheet that drives Solidworks 3d tube models. Here is a picture of my problem: http://home.comcast.net/~dennisrankin/OffsetTube.jpg [Broken]

    What I have is:
    OFFSET distance

    I need to solve for LEG 2. LEG 1 and LEG 3 are paralell. Both Radii are the same. As you can see, Solidworks will solve it for me for an individual tube. I would need to open every instance of the tube in order for Solidworks to solve them all. I would rather have Excel do the numbers and drive the model.

    I should know this stuff. :redface:

    This is work related. I appreciate the help.
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    Yes, you should know this stuff, you took trigonometry didn't you?

    You are told that the "angle of elevation" of LEG 2 is 30 degrees. You should know that OFFSET/LEG 2= "opposite side"/"hypotenuse"= sin(30).

    Then OFFSET= LEG 2 sin(30) so LEG 2= OFFSET/sin(30).
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    Thanks. I never took geometry, trig, calc, and I've forgotten most of my basic algebra. I'm a freak considering my career position. I rely on reference material, software and engineers I work with. Liken it to athletes that graduate high school, can't even read and get a full ride through college! If I ever get time to do it, I'm going back to school if only to get my mathmatics up to par.
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