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Need guidance on possible job requirements

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    Hi everyone... my name is darya, new to the forums and searching for possible job advice. I have a masters degree in applied physics from UMASS Boston. I have graduated for 5 years and am having difficulty finding a job related to my major. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    You're probably looking for the wrong types of jobs. When you say "a job related to your major", you are probably only focusing on physicist positions. However, with a master's in appleid physics, you have a lot of options in the field of engineering. Look for those too.

    In fact, usually to get anything better than a technician's job specifically in the field of physics, you need a PhD. However, there are lots of engineering jobs out there that would be easily filled by a master of applied physics. After all, applied physics can be considered 'engineering physics'.
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