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Homework Help: Need helllllp!

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    need urgent helllllp!

    im in year 12 at the moment and our new physics teacher has set us an assignment. it is very deceptively simple he informs us.
    it reads: does a marble at the top of a ramp convert all of its potential energy up the top, into kinetic energy at the bottom of the ramp.....or something along those lines. he has given us a hint by telling us "predictions". he says we can either do simple calculations and get 50% or find out what he wants from this and achieve an awesome result. i cant seem to see what he wants us to find out so anyone's help would be greatly appreciated??? he has given us a ramp and a marble....
    im stuck pleeeeease help!
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    It seems you need to measure the speed of the marble at the bottom. Maybe measure how long it takes to cover a certain horizontal distance once it left the ramp?
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    Maybe the teacher is asking whether there are some ways that energy might be lost by the system as the marble rolls down.
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    Those being things like air resistence or maybe some minor heat or sound
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