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Need hellp with comsol

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    I need some help with Comsol Multiphysics. I want to know can I use this software to solve a system of ODEs only. If so, how can I do this.

    Best regards.
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    please can any help me. This is important.


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    I would say that there are better-suited programs to deal with systems of ODE's than COMSOL. I don't think its possible, but I'm not a COMSOL user.
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    Yes you can, but if your problem doesn't specifically require it would recommend something else like Matlab, Mathematica etc (shooting mosquitoes with a cannon like of a thing). If your problem fits some of the existing application modes then you can pick such, if not, use for example the PDE forms to formulate it.
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    Hello everybody
    I have a problem with Comsol 3.4 installation, it doesn't run after the installation is finished.
    I get the following COMSOL Error: "No class com/femlab/gui/Femlab on classpath."
    I've tried to uninstall but also unsuccessful, I get the message:"EXIT FAILURE: Failed to load uninstallation components." and "Can't find comsol.opts file".
    The question is whether there is a solution to uninstall the program and where the comsol.opts file has to be placed so it could be found during the uninstallation (I have the file but I don't know the directory where it should be placed)

    I'll appreciate your help.
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