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Need help about a choice I have to make

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Hello there,
The tests for university is fast approaching, but I cannot make my mind up which way to go. Even now, I study calculus and some physics, and each time I start studying I feel awestruck, I totally adore natural sciences. But there remains a problem. Here in Turkey, being a scientist doesn't give you a comfortable life, there are no job opportunities unless you are very successful. I am sure I can be really successful, there still remains the slight chance that I will not find a job, if I study natural sciences. My plan about this is to get into math department, and then take physics with it. I believe I can do this. But for the reasons I have explained I have some questions in my mind. Those questions are related only and only to job opportunities and nothing else.
On the other hand, I can get take electrical engineering. But I really am not enthusiastic about that. I can be successful there as well, and I could take either math or physics with it. As soon as I graduate from university I can find a good job etc. But something really disturbs me. I don't know the situation for other countries, but here in Turkey you do not do electrical engineering after you graduate. You begin as a director or something like that and get higher positions in your corporation with time. That is sometihng that I really do not like about it.
Here is my problem. As I said my heart lies with natural sciences but that would bring with it the need to go to foreign country, like States. But I really would like to make some academic career.
Any help about this hard choice to make is highly appreciated...



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in general people are happier doing what they love, even if it pays less.

secondly, sometimes people can combine what they love with a job that pays more. For example here in the US the medical field usually pays a little better than the academic field.

But it is possible to be an engineer and specialize say in fluid flow as applied to blood flow in the human body, and thus tap into the research money available for medical sciences.

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