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Need help about c++

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    In a c language, what is the maximum combined length of command line arguments
    including the space between adjacent arguments.?
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    I don't think command line argument restrictions have anything to do with what code an app is written in, it's an O.S. characteristic and is likely to vary among Windows / MAC OS / UNIX.

    I think, years ago, there was a DOS and early-windows restriction of 256 characters but I don't know that that still holds in windows.
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    i cannot understand
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    The limit depends on the operating system and the command shell you are using, not on the C language.

    On Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 it is 8191 characters.
    On some Unix systems it is much bigger, with limits like 65536 or even 262144 characters.

    Look for the constant ARG_MAX in your C ibrary header files.
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