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Homework Help: Need help about math is my calculation wrong the answer from the text book is wrong

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    I'm having a tough time wrapping my head around something that seems so simple. The Question is:

    What is the maximum output power from a 12 volt battery that has an internal resistance of 6 ohm ?

    The answer from this books is 6 W?

    My formula
    First I need to find the current
    I = V/R so 12volt/6 ohm = 2 ampere

    When is use this formula
    P = VI, 12Vx2A = 24Watt,

    The next question is:
    On an oscilloscope display of a pure sine wave , the peak to peak value is 7 volts. The average value of the display voltage is about:

    A. 6.36 volt
    B.3.18 volt
    C. 0 volt
    D. 2.23 volt

    The answer from this book is 0 volt.

    The peak to peak voltage is 7/2 = 3.5V this peak voltage

    But by calculation Vaverage = 2 x 3.5/ pi = 2.228 or 2.23 V for sine wave or AC wave formula.

    If the average value were taken over the whole cycle then the result would be zero value.

    Thank you,
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    Anybody can answer this question. where the math guru...anyway thank :)
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