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Need Help Air/Moisture

  1. Aug 11, 2004 #1
    :approve: blueHey guys.. once again any help given is appreciated.. I want to make a rain machine that uses the humid air of Houston Texas to condense and make rain for flower beds and what not.. I have a rough design using peltier devices to cool the incoming air and pass it on to the hot side causing the air to condense in to a resevoir, then which after a 1/2 gallon or so fills the tank a switch would trigger and a sprinkler type effect would be release from the bottom of the container via gravitational pull... However this machine needs to be away froma power source so it can be hung in a tree or whatever else you hang it from without the use of extension cords or big heavy batteries... Does anyone here have any ideas or theories about where to get the power from or maybe a less energy dependent way to condence air to water.... These devices should notbe any bigger than a 1 gallon container of water if possible... Thanks a million guys.

    By the way, AIM username is strim302, Im me if you get a chance... Later guys :confused:
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