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Homework Help: NEED HELP Angle Dependence of Work

  1. Dec 2, 2004 #1
    Hi ppl..

    I have to hand this questions about Physics on Dec 6th.. & I really need help on it... Plz if possible answer this question. I will love to help someone in other way. Thx in advance :)

    This is a question on Lab:Angle dependence of work

    1) What is the relationship between the Newton scale reading and the horizontal component of the force exerted by the mass?

    2) how to find horizontal component of the force mass?
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    if u are given an angle, then just use Fx = F cos theta, Fy = F sin theta
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    Thx for reply ,, BuT

    I do have an angle.. for the first part i have 0.1 kg, distance=0.1m, angle=70*, N=0.2

    but the question asks for Horizontal component of the force mass. Y does it say mass??

    this is about the cart pulled away by newton's scale and mass hangin over the pulley problem.

    and ya wht is the relationship between newton scale reading and horizontal component of the force exertd by the mass ?

    Do I use m*N?
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