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Homework Help: Need Help Any Ideas?

  1. Oct 29, 2003 #1
    Hey guys,

    I am kind of new to this physics thing, and I need some help. Any advice you can give me is more than welcome. :)

    1. An 850 kg (1878 lb) dragster, starting from rest, attains a speed of 27.0 m/s (60.5 mph) in 0.59 s.

    A. Assume that the driver has a mass of 68 kg. What horizontal force does the seat exert on the driver?

    What formula would I use to find the horizontal force?

    11. A 66 kg swimmer steps off a 10.4 m tower. What is the swimmers velocity hitting the water?

    What formual would I need to use to find this out?

    If you guys can give any help it would be most appreciated. I know this must be really simple to you guys, but I am stuck on it.
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    F= ma leaps to mind. You are given m and know how to find a.

    You know the acceleration don't you? What's the relationship between acceleration and speed?
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