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Need help asap, statics q

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    1.find the force in members AB BH OH

    2. Untitled-27.png

    the forces at O is 3000 lb at O, 5000 lb downward on A and 1000 lb -x direction at A. and 7000 lb -y direction at C. reaction forces at D and E are statically indeterminant.

    3. sorry for the crappy sketch. ive gotten AB correct taking method of joints cutting through members ab,hb,hg and taking the moment about H. also their is a pin at D and E that normally have external reaction forces in the x and y direction however the problem mentions that they are statically indeterminant. not sure where to go from here on the other members i thought about using the same method of joints cut and taking the moment about O.
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    and i meant method of sections not joints
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    scratch off force in member OH found it using method of joints at O
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    never mind i figured the rest of it out as well
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