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Homework Help: Need help before 11pm

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    Look I really need someone's help, I spent over 3 hours on this problem and can't figure it out. If anyone could tell me what to do (try being specific), I'd appreciate.

    A 20kg wood ball hangs from a 2.0m longwire. The maximum tension the wire can withstand without breaking is 400N. A 1.0 kg projectile traveling horizontally hits and embeds itself in the wood ball. What is the largest speed this projectile can have without causing the cable to break?

    Please anyone, I really need to get this.
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    Use conservation of momentum to determine what speed the ball will have when it is struck by the projectile. Use the equation for centripetal force to determine the tension in the wire. You should be able to go from there.
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    Actually, I really can't figure it out, I read what you said, but nothing adds up.
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    I got it, OMG I got it, thank you sooooo much. God why didn't i think of that. Thx very much.
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