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Need help before I attend college, help please.

  1. Dec 5, 2015 #1

    It has been 2 and a half years since I touched a college-level book and that was due to certain circumstances. However, In October/2016 I am starting my Electrical Engineering program and honestly I have no clue where to start now.

    To get a good refreshment for my brain regarding the Math, I have just bought "Pre-Calculus Demystified 2nd edition" By Rhonda Huettenmueller. And where I live now there is a course for Mathematics called "The Bridge course" which is offered by a union of Technical universities among Germany. So pretty much the Math issue is no longer an issue for me as I will get over it pretty soon.

    The university also recommends some programming experience although it is not a must, for that matter I got the book "Python Programming: An introduction to Computer Science 2nd edition by John Zelle".

    So I could manage it with Math and Intro-Programming but I am clueless about what to do with Physics !

    I have almost a year before enrolling and want to fix my Physics-Situation as much and as soon as possible.

    Could you please advise and recommend a book taking my Physics-zero skills into consideration ?
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    Why do you need physics skills at the moment? When you take the first series in college it is assumed most students have never taken a physics class before.

    There's nothing wrong with studying up on it before hand, I just don't see it as a "situation that needs fixing" as you put it.

    A good intro book is Physics by H&K. Generally clear, and not too much calculus right away since you're still dealing with pre-calculus. You might even want to use an algebra based book instead.
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    That really depends on where one is. There are a number of calc based physics courses out there where one will be at a significant disadvantage without having had high school physics or the equivalent.
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