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NEED HELP- building an electric portable wakeboard winch

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    First off, a wakeboard winch is a farely new machine. It is typically a 6hp gas motor attached to a spool by chain and sprocket. A rope wrapped around the spool (about 600ft). The rope is pulled all the way out or to desired length where a wakeboarder ( like snowboarding but on water using a handle and usually a boat) then gets pulled back across the water to the machine typically around 18mph which is in the normal boat speed range when wakeboarding. rails and obstacles can be used then to make the experience more enjoyable. This machine has changed the sport making it more moblie rather than needing a boat and being stuck on the lake.

    My project is to build a wakeboard winch that is in a backpack form (lighter than the gas winches) and can run off of an electric motor. Only I don't know a thing about electric motors and only a little about the gas. I do know how the regular gas winches work and what they need to do. And I know wakeboarding as I was #1 in BC for Pro in 2010.

    I'm looking for anyone that is interested in a fun project to help me out. Might be a sell-able product in the end.


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