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Need help : calculating intensity

  1. Jul 26, 2006 #1
    need help urgent: calculating intensity

    hi all,

    may be my problem is a simple one.
    I want to calculate the intensity field resulted due to a UV lamp in side glss cylinder located at a distance from the lamp. The lamp is sorrunded 3 sides by reflectors such that 90% of the light power is reflected. now i have to calculate the intensity of the light inside the circularglass cylinder due to the UV lamp.

    Here i know how to calculate the intensity with out the reflection, please some one tell me how to include the reflection of the light.

    (for clear understanding: I have a circular gas cylinder in xyz plane, and a UV lamp is located at a distance xcm from the cylinder. this UV lamp is sorrounded 3 sides by reflecting plates (like
    ... \
    O o| where O is the circular cylinder
    ... / o is the lamp (the lines are reflectors)
    now how to calculate the intensity inside 'O' due to 'o'

    Thanks in advance
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