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Need help calculating thrust!

  1. Jun 23, 2004 #1
    Does anyone know how to calculate the vertical thrust of 1.5 horsepower motor? I need some calculations for a project hovercraft and am wondering how much thrust is needed to lift 200 lbs. Also is thrust affected by fan blade size? Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
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    Well to start with a hovercraft doesn't work on the reaction principle like a rocket does, so thrust isn't the relevent parameter of merit. They work by pressure. If your hovercraft is on a very smooth surface you can get by with a small amount of power, but in real life they need quite a lot of power to overcome the leakage associated with rough surfaces. So you need to calculate the working surface of the hovercraft, the weight, the working pressure and the rate of leakage of air past the base for a given height. Then you will be able to calculate the power needed.
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