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Homework Help: Need help : Conductors and Electric Fields

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    Problem: A solid coppper cube is placed in a constant Electric Field in x-direction. The faces of the cube are parallel to xy, yz, xz - plane and one corner is at the origin. Draw the field lines as they would be observed looking down on the cube towards the xy plane. Show at least two electric field line starting or stopping on each of the 4 sides of the cube perpendicular to the xy- plane??

    Draw or tell me how to draw it PLZ!!!!
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    Do you actually have to derive the equations for the field, or just qualitatively draw what the field lines would look like? If it's the first, you'll need to solve Lapace's equation outside the cube, and that's a big mess. If it's the second, which I hope for your sake it is, just remember that the lines need to meet the surface of the conductor at right angles, and far from the cube the lines return to being parellel and uniform.
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