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Need help deciding a degree.

  1. Jan 26, 2016 #1
    Hi. I have just graduated high school in Australia with an OP 1 (equivalent to a SAT score of 1540 or 2280) and I need help deciding what to study. What is the degree with the most mathematics in it that will make you the most money?
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    Very, very general question.

    Is there not anything that you like doing other than making money with math

    Based on what you say, I suggest some form of engineering.
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    Structural engineer?
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    Impossible to say and not enough information to give you your answer.
    What is your current personal, technical development? Choose something. You will probably change your mind. You need some experience. What things do you like doing now? What things have you done up to now and which do you like and which do you not like? Study Engineering, computer programming, and other sciences. Study as much Mathematics as you can do successfully, and keep on with any that are needed for certain fields and work hard to assure success in those Mathematics topics.
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    Get a degree in economics, then move to the US and become a quantitative analyst on Wall Street.
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    Ask yourself this: What can you see yourself doing 8 hours a day, everyday, for 40 years?

    I didn't have an answer to that question until I spent a decade working in various fields.
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    Or even closer to the original optimization target: Get a degree in mathematics, then move to the US and become a quantitative analyst on Wall Street. Probably even better: Get a degree in mathematics, then create a start-up company that Google buys for a fortune and a half.
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    Actuaries make a lot of money. Or doing mathematics or economics you can end up making a lot of money in a bank. Engineering is another profitable profession.
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    Maybe you can look for something that interests you and do an internship in it. You will have a better idea of what you like, and you will be more attractive to employers, since you will then be considered to have been "broken in". EDIT: I think at this early point in your life, informed experimentation is your best bet.
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    A joint math and computer science degree. My answer is based on a lot of research and accounting for extremes of your situation in the future (you dont make it to finance) (you do make it to finance). I don't recommend pure maths unless from a top institution.
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