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Need help deciding on MSEE Track

  1. Sep 27, 2015 #1
    Hi all. I'm finishing up my undergraduate courses this semester and starting my MSEE program in the spring. I'm having trouble deciding which track to choose. My advisor has just told me to take whatever courses seem interesting, but I'd also like to make sure I focus on something that will actually get me a job when I graduate. At first I was interested in VLSI since I enjoyed my circuits and electronics courses, but I keep hearing that job opportunities are drying up for this in the US. So, would anyone with industry knowledge please take a look at these track listings and help me get an idea of where the market is headed and what would fair well for future employment? I'm going to need to pay back all these student loans at some point! o0)

    These are all the tracks I'm considering:

    In Electrical Engineering:
    Sensing and Information
    Solid-State Circuits, Devices, and Materials
    Systems and Control
    Computational and Cyberphysical Systems

    In Computer Engineering:

    I keep hearing about this whole "Internet of Things", so I'm leaning toward going for the Sensing and Information track along with taking a couple of courses in robotics to get the robotics specialization on my transcript and maybe taking some courses in mixed signal IC design too. Close seconds would be the computer engineering hardware track or the EE solid state, devices, and materials track with a lot of analog/RF IC design. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
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