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Need help deciding what engineer to be

  1. Oct 15, 2012 #1
    I'm not sure what Engineer I should be or if I should really be one, but I know two things;
    I really enjoy math and physics/chemistry. I've only taken so far Calculus 3 and Classical Mechanics so I'm not too familiar with both topics but I do know that I really enjoy doing them. They just seem to make sense and it's fun like putting a puzzle together. I like a desk job, sitting in front of a computer in an office room which may sound crazy but that's what I prefer. I was thinking of Civil Engineering which I've started taking courses in (Statics and Surveying) and I hate surveying utterly with all my heart(maybe because my professor shows up to class with no lesson plan and just wings it and I like predictability). There has never been a topic I've enjoyed so little and I really hope this is not what Civil Engineers do. The reason I'm confused is because I really don't know what Engineers do on a regular basis and I've been told that this math and physics I learn will rarely be used which is disheartening but I can understand why Calculus wouldn't be used in modern time Engineering.

    I may not be giving much information but if possible could anyone describe to me a job that requires use of these two topics? I started college early with no guidance and it was completely new for me to not have a schedule planned out for me and whenever I see a counselor, they always tell me to take general ed or follow some sort of curriculum and when I ask them about what the job is actually like, they can't answer. I would really just love to know the applications of these topics in the real world and what jobs apply them and what certain kinds of engineers do.

    Edit: I actually found out that my friend's brother is an engineer and after a long talk, I've decided on structural engineering. Thank you to everyone for reading my post, and if anyone has input on what structural engineers do, it is still welcome.
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