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Need Help Deciding What to Do in Terms of Applying to Colleges

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    I am interested in majoring in applied mathematics with a focus on quantitative finance. I am debating as to whether I should apply early decision to NYU. Does NYU have a reputable undergraduate mathematics program? What are your opinions of its faculty and mathematical programs?

    Thanks a lot
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    Choose your college based on your major and then based on other things. There's no reason to go to NYU (or any college for that matter) and major in something they aren't good at. I'm not bashing any college nor do I know anything about NYU, just pick a college that fits with what you want to learn.
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    anyone else have any opinions about applying to NYU Early Decision to the Applied Math Department?

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    any ideas or feedback?
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    If your ultimate goal is to get a job in finance after you get out of undergrad, NYU seems like a pretty decent choice. You haven't really mentioned what your alternatives or long-term goals are.

    You might also want to ask your question over at the Wilmott forums (the career one specifically), because they are QF-oriented over there.
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