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Courses Need Help deciding

  1. Dec 25, 2016 #1
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I have a question and I want some honest answers. So this semester I took Organic Chemistry 1 and Calculus 1. I both passed but with a D, sadly the courses won't transfer to my school I want to attend in the future (waiting for a response from the schools I applied to). Unfortunately, I can only take calculus 1 but organic 1 has to wait because my school only offers it every fall :( I'm not worried about not retaking organic 1. what I'm most worried about is that I need to take Calc based physics 1 and I don't know if the class will have a lot of calculus physics involved. How was your experience with calc based physics 1? I'm also retaking Calculus 1 because I got a D. My Spring 2017 semester looks like this. Also, I've talked to my physics professor and she says there will be 14 lab reports written!!! I don't mind the writing but 14??? I did, however, write 8 lab reports for General chemistry 1.

    AN205: Forensic Anthropology

    MA151: Calculus 1

    PH261: Engineering Physics 1

    PE110: Racquet Sports

    BM251: Organizational Behavior


    CJ204: Criminology
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    If terms are semesters, then 14 lab reports is less than 18 reports, if a typical semester is 18 weeks. The lab reports for Physics 1, if basic Mechanics, should not be too tough, but you might be overloading your planned set of courses with all those five courses. "Engineering Physics"? Is this the typical Phys 1 for science & engineering students?

    You WILL need some Calculus skills for Physics 1, but MOST of what you will use for doing the exercises would be intermediate Algebra and basic Trigonometry, so you really need to be well-skilled with these. If you study very hard for your retake of Calculus 1, you should be able to earn at least B, and you might---- MIGHT be ready for Calculus 2 and Physics 2 the following semester. Grades earned can fool you. Earning A or B in Calculus 1 does not mean that you will be able to pass (with at least C) the next one, Calculus 2.
  4. Dec 25, 2016 #3
    My college has 15 weeks of classes. I actually don't mind the calculus, I did great towards the end but then it got harder. The final was kind of in the middle but it wasn't too bad. My calculus 1 class only covers 4 chapters. We use the calculus Stewart 8th edition book!

    Chapter 1: Functions and limits- Not a bad chapter, I got a high test grade so it wasn't too bad
    Chapter 2: Derivatives - This chapter wasn't bad at all. The test was easy but messed up. got a poor grade
    Chapter 3: Applications of Differentiation: This is where I got confused but I slacked off and only did the review packet for the test. Not a hard chapter but I enjoyed taking the 2nd derivative to find the local min and max.
    Chapter 4: Integrals - I loved the fundamental theorem of calculus. It made sense once we learned the new short method!

    Overall: I believe chapter 3 and 4 are my weakens but now that I'm retaking it I will be more fully prepared and know what I'm doing! Also found some outside homework resources that I may do over the course of the semester!
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    Fifteen Week term: What is that? Quarter or Semester? Seems like between the two.

    Calculus 1 can get difficult anywhere through the course. Are you limiting yourself to studying only while you are enrolled in the course? That can be insufficient. If you have ANY weak spots in Calculus 1, then they can wack you when you take Calculus 2 or Physics 2 (The E & M fundamental course). If you have six weeks between this semester and the spring semester, then you really should study all of your Calculus 1 course again on your own - completely; and if you then retake officially Calculus 1 in the spring semester, and study hard, you might be able to get a B.
  6. Dec 25, 2016 #5
    It's a semester! Thank you! I will study hard! I will try to make a better study guides and practice more. My goal is a B or C.
  7. May 19, 2017 #6
    Guys I passed calculus 1 with a B! I'm so happy. Now onto Calculus 2!! ahh

    AN205: Forensic Anthropology (Replaced with History 102): Got an A in History

    MA151: Calculus 1 B

    PH261: Engineering Physics 1 Withdrew

    PE110: Racquet Sports B

    BM251: Organizational Behavior C

    I will be sitting in as a free student for calculus 2 over the summer. Starting May 30th.

    What should I do:
    I withdrew my engineering physics 1 class this semester. Due to not having any background and not taking in in high school due to taking biology regents seven times. I was wondering what's the best way to self-study.

    1)Get a membership at Study.com
    - Plan on doing Physics 111: Physics 1
    course description
    Work through this self-paced physics course to improve your understanding of essential physics topics. The course's bite-sized lessons and self-assessments can be used to improve your grades, prepare for upcoming physics exams or simply strengthen your basic physics knowledge.

    I would be paying the $60 per month deal so I can get access to quizzes and help from etc.

    2) Get an AP physics 1 or C book to study

    My goal is to study and get a familiar idea of the basic ideas of physics topics. I'm planning to take it again at my potential transfer school this coming fall.
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