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Need help developing an idea into reality.

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    So, first of all, I want to say that I am not interested in deriving profit from the idea I'm about to present (de facto, me publicizing all my research pretty much negates that goal entirely).

    I spend considerable time reading research papers on various topics. Originally I was interested in human enhancement via pharmaceutical means, which is modest. Anyway, after some time I became interested in the idea as to whether the growth and vigor of plants can be affected in a positive manner. I decided to do some searching and found a considerable amount of evidence that the growth of plants can be considerably enhanced. These compounds are what are called "Plant Growth Regulators". I then started compiling all the most promising compounds that can be used to achieve the maximum amount of plant growth and enhancement possible. I have gone so far and asked a lab in China to compile all or most interesting compounds that I found through my research and intend to conduct a sample trial in my own garden.

    What I need to do now, due to the results from all these studies is implement this idea into reality, and thus me posting here and reaching out to anyone who also sees potential in this idea. I don't want to patent (or even if I can) the idea. I'd prefer to make it open source and work on it collectively as some sort of noble endeavor that doesn't require much money to create/enhance. I see the application of this idea in the growth of valuable plants and, well, who knows potentially maximizing yields of plants in some distant future Mars/Moon colony.

    Anyway, I appreciate your time and attention on the matter. Below is a link with all my research included in PDF readable files. To spare yourself time and effort, the folder called "List of most promising plant compounds" details well what it says...


    To the best of my knowledge, I don't think any public product or company has stumbled upon the idea to utilize all this research presented in the link... I suspect some companies utilize amino acids in some of their formulas to enhance growth... I also considered the possibility that the carbon nanotubes and fullerenes could be a cause of concern to the consumption of said treated plants, meaning those compounds could be left out of the finalized product.

    I appreciate your time and help in the matter.
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