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Need help , due tomorrow

  1. Oct 18, 2004 #1
    need help urgent, due tomorrow!!

    Do you expect the element rhodium, symbol Rh, to have positive ion states in which the metal ion has a noble-gas configuration? Use ionization energies and lattice energy to explain your answer.

    I don't know where this question is trying to get at. Is it trying to ask if it is either more likely to be negative or positive?

    the electrons that are needed to be removed are in the shells 4d and 5s in order for it to have a noble-gas configuration of Argon. There are 8 in the 4d and 1 in the 5s.

    I'll give you my input. I said that NO i do not expect that because the ionization energy would be too immense before it reaches the configuration state of Argon so it would be highly unlikely. How do i use lattice energy to explain this?

    And if i was wrong for the ionization energy can some one correct me, please? Thanks alot.
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