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Need help explaining these things - related to vision

  1. Nov 16, 2003 #1
    Experiment 1:

    Rotate your dominant leg clockwise and use your dominant hand to write the number 8 on a piece of paper. Do the same thing except rotate the other leg. What are the results and why?

    I kknow that its easier to do the second scenario but how can I explain it? All I can think of is that two parts are controlled by opposite sides of the body.....help???? Why is it easier?

    Experiment 2:

    can u predict right or left eye dominance based on handedness? The experiments makes u hold a pencil up to a corner of the room, then u close each eye, and when you close your eye, once u open it, the one in which the pencil moves more is dominant.

    My results were inconclusive but I dont know how to explain it

    Experiment 3:

    Stare at a red dot on a piece of paper for about 20 seconds. Turn the paper over, what do you see, and why?

    I saw a bluish circle and I think its because I used all the red cones so I used the ones i have left, but why is it blue and how do I explain the rest of it?

    help with this is greatly appreciated, the sooner the better, my lab book is due monday november 17 at 12:40 pm EST, so please....hurry
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    Another God

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    I'll ask dark wing to come and have a look at these for you....
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    Look on the web for a circle diagram that depicts the complementary colors, red and blue are opposites..
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