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Need Help Fast! Plz!

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    I recieved this problem in 8th grade goemetry today, and its due tomorrow. i have looked at it for 2 hrs now and STILL cant think of how to figure it out. help PLEASE!?!
    Here it is:
    If you filled a closet with stacks of quarters from floor to ceilling and then put all the quarters in one big stack, would it be taller or shorter than the Empire State Building?
    Closet Floor=4' x 7' Height=8'
    Empire State Building= 1250'
    Width of Quarter= 1/8''
    Diameter of Quarter= 15/16"
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    Well you can first determine the # of coins required to stack up to the Empire State Building. You have the overall height and the height (what you call the width... which is incorrect, its actually the height) of a quarter. Figure out how many of those 1/8" are in the 1250' of the building and you will have the # of quarters necessary.

    Then visualize putting every quarter down in a grid formation on the closet floor. Using the diameter of the quarter, you can use each dimension of the closet floor to determine how many quarters can be stacked in each of the dimensions. Multiply those 3 dimensions and see if it comes out to more or less then the # of quarters necessary to be taller then the building.
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    i will try that.
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