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Aerospace Need help FASTTTT

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    I have a huge problem. I was given this problem to work, and it is several years above my education thus far. I'm only a first year at Georgia Tech and this is from a graduating senior. A lot is on the line. It's actually a bet and I could lose a few hundred if I can't come up with the right answer and work to show how I arrived at it... can anyone help?

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    This is not a high level problem.

    Its also in the wrong forum, there is a forum for homework/problems.

    Its simple maths, simple assumptions and a simple plot graph.

    Also, where is your attempt at this?

    As a hint, i would say look at the knowns and unknowns, look at what can be assumed, and then it might hit you what to do to plot the graph.
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    I would further suggest that it's kind of stupid to make a bet about something like this unless you have advanced knowledge. You can't count on other people to bail you out.
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    Exactly, where's our cut if we help you.
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    "cannot access online solutions"
    "work must be individual"

    ... need I say more?
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    And in what way does asking on-line professionals for a solution conform to those guidelines? You're on your own, Moraalg.
    By the bye, Redargon, do you have inside info about the question? OP didn't mention those rules.
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    Those rules are written in the picture the OP posted.
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    Thanks, Mech. I hadn't bothered to read the whole thing.
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    If this isnt homework i'll eat my hat.

    I think it'll go well lightly fried in garlic.
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