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Need help figuring how much torque I need to move a cart.

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    I'm undertaking a little project. I am wanting to outfit a cart like this (http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200411313_200411313) with RC gear. It will most likely use a hub mounted gear and a motor shaft mounted sprocket to turn the rear axle. I need to know what size of motor and gears I need to purchase to move the load I will put on it. Would like to build an excel spreadsheet so I can compare gear/motor combinations.

    Here is some relevant information:

    Mass of trailer and load: 150 lb
    Maximum speed: 5 mph
    Maximum needed acceleration: whatever is reasonably close to human acceleraton
    Tire diameter: 10"
    Maximum grade: 30 degrees
    Min/max number of teeth on sprocket: 8-20
    Min/max number of teeth on axle gear: 40-114
    Maximum motor RPM: don't have an exact number but electric motors (as you probably know) can spin pretty fast

    I thank you for your help and look forward to learning how to calculate this.
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