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Homework Help: Need help finding a funny science equation or joke…

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    So Science Olympics is coming up shortly in my city and this year my team wants to design team shirts with something funny on it that pertains to science. We really have not come up with anything yet because my groups mind is always in the gutter, so I thought it would be more reliable to come to the forums. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    1.There's no funny equation.Mathematics in general is pretty serious and sad...
    2.For jokes,look in the "stickied" thread in the General Discussion forum.

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    What about a picture of a square pie with and equal sign to pi^2
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    There are also the blackboard favourites int(e^x) = f(u)^n and the http://www.oxfordstudent.com/funstuff/evil [Broken].
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    Yeah, and the comedy (and I can't be arsed to latex here):

    integral between 13 and 10 of 2x dx

    Cheers to whoever posted that first.
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