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Need help finding a topic PLEASE!

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    I need to find and study a topic of physics. My tutor told me he wants me to study something in one of several different topics and physics is one of my choices. He has told me if I do not learn something new in 3 days he will not study with me anymore. I have 2 days to learn it and I need to learn it very well. Im looking for some suggestions about a fun fairly easy topic to study. I work 10-18 hours a day so I do not have much time in those 2 days. Please if you have any suggestions let me know. If you can suggest more then one I That would be very helpful as we have studied a lot of physics already together. Thank you in advance for any help you may provide.

    Thank you for reading,
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    In what area of physics do you nedd a topic?
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    raise you eyes, look on something, ask yourself how does it work, stick with basics.
    Do you how does CRT monitor works?
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    Wow, not to put hte pressure on jeez :bugeye:...A topic in physics huh. Hmm, :rolleyes:can it be anything within the field of physics? You could do something in sound. A close tube experiment perhaps. That wouldn't take very much time. You could show how to find the speed of a wave in a closed tube and explain why only certain harmonics appear from that fundamental frequency. I can provide more information if you like. It sounds complicated but isn't. It doesn't take all that much time either. You could easily fit it into your day. PM or e-mail me if you want some more help. I'd be more than happy and willing to help you. :smile:

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    Thank you

    I sent you a pm thank you for taking your time to help me.
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    I got it. You are very welcome.
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