Need help finding co-op grad school

  1. I'm a physics major at a US public univeristy atm. I'm thinking of applying to grad school for physics or engineering. I want to go into computer engineering or quantum computing/experimental condensed matter.

    Right now, I'm planning to apply to the computer engineering schools at

    University of Waterloo, canada
    My current school (doesn't offer a co-op program)
    and a safety school

    I'm will also apply to the physics at UW and Northeastern.

    I'm trying to find other schools that may offer me some work experience in grad school while I finish my degree. Most likely a co-op program. I'm not shooting for IVY league schools or other top schools or even upper middle tier schools.

    Does anyone know some other grad school that offer a good co-op program or something similar in the fields I want to go?
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