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Homework Help: Need help finding Fmax

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    A 450 g particle moving along the x-axis experiences the force shown in Figure Ex11.15. The particle goes from vx = 4.0 m/s at x = 0 m to vx = 7.5 m/s at x = 2 m. What is Fmax?

    Where the maximum peak on the force by distance graph is at 1m


    I have no idea how to answer this. I tried to find the acceleration then multiply it by the mass

    i got 7.2 n which was wrong
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    Use the work energy theorem
    ΔKE = WNet
    You can calculate the change in kinetic energy using the given numbers. Since only F is acting on the particle, F is the net force. The work done by F is the area under the curve, so ...
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    .5mv^2-.5mv^2 using 7.5 and 4 as the velocities. thank you very much

    9.05625 btw
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