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    Hi! This is my first ever post on PF. Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me out on this!

    I'm trying to find a general function that describes the curve in the attached image. As you can see, it is periodic and decays as it approaches infinity. y ≥ 0 at all times; f(0)=0; symmetric about y axis.

    The period should increase as well - the distance between the first local maxima on the each side of the y axis should be very small (nearly 0) but increases at a very large rate. For example, set the highest local maximas as p and p' and the second highest as q and q'. Well the distance between p and p' <<<< than the distance between p and q (similarly p' and q').

    I'll post more drawings if need be. Thank you very much to whoever helps me out with this.
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    Didn't realize the picture would be huge... Sorry!
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    Can you post a smaller version of the image you posted? It should be around 900 px X 600 px or so. Yours was way larger than that.
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    That's what I thought, sorry :/
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