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Need help for an equation

  1. Nov 26, 2011 #1
    Hi there,
    I do not know why, but I cannot get to the solution of the following equation.
    The equation is :

    (m*x+m[p]*x[p])/(m+m[p]) = 0

    And, I know that if this is solved for x[p], it will get to : x[p] = -x m/m[p] (Written in Textbook, and I checked it using Maple)

    However, I tried times and times, but I could not get to the correct answer through the steps. Each time I tried I got to : x[p] = 1 + ( 1 - x)m/m[p]

    Can someone show me the steps here please?

    ** It is my first post in this forum, and I saw some other similar threads in this part of forum. However, I am not sure if I did post it in the right place, hope I did not violate any rules.
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    It should be not fruitful for you to straightaway give the solution which is very simple.
    Better, write what yo did and how you obtain x[p] = 1 + ( 1 - x)m/m[p] , which obviously is false, and we could show you where is the mistake.
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