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Need help for cam and gears hw

  1. Dec 11, 2007 #1
    I really need help with these two problems from my hw set (got em all done except these two). It would be great if some1 could help me out with this as soon as possible (ESPECIALLY THE FIRST PROBLEM....have no idea how to go about it). Thanks in advance.

    A cam drive is used for a mechanism incorporated in a shoe sewing machine. the cam follower motion sequence must be:
    1) Rise 0.5in. with cycloidal motion in 0.7sec
    2) Dwell for 0.2sec
    3) Fall 0.25in. with cycloidal motion in 0.5sec
    4) Dwell for 0.2 sec
    5) Fall with cycloidal motion in 0.5sec

    (A) determine the speed of the cam
    (B) graphically plot a displacement diagram

    This one i have no idea how to begin or where to go with it.

    Two gears are to be mounted 10 inches apart and have a velocity ratio of 3:1. Find suitable
    (A) pitch diameters
    (B) diametral pitches
    (C) the number of teeth on both gears

    This one i think i know.
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