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Need help for my final project

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    Our team are doing "Electric Powered Wheelbarrow". Can some one help me where can find the theory. This Wheelbarrow using electric engine instead of petrol or diesel engine.
    1.) Where can find the dimension of the wheelbarrow?
    2.) 2D or 3D Drawing?

    I just want the drawing that shows every dimension of the Electric Powered Wheelbarrow.

    Help Me Please
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    jack action

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    What kind of theory are looking for? It sounds pretty straight forward to me. Learn how the electric motor works and then rig it up to drive the wheelbarrow.

    As for the dimensions can't you just measure the wheelbarrow?
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    Most cad software will have associated websites where people share drawings etc. Someone, somewhere has measured and drawn one. S
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    Sir, in my country very difficult to find the electric powered wheelbarrow. I can measure the normal wheelbarrow but i need to submit in 3d Cad Cam. and also i need to present and show how the mechanism works using Cad Cam software. I already draw the wheelbarrow but i found quite hard to apply the mechanism using Inventor. can you suggest or advise me concerning this? Thank you sir.
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    If you contact Honda and get the right person, you might be able to get this drawing. Or they may feel that you're out to make counterfeit electric wheelbarrows and decline.

    If the objective of your project is to model or examine the workings of a simple machine (which is what it sounds like) you should choose something that you have very detailed schematics for, or something that you actually have access to and can take measurements from. If it's not too late, you may want to change what you're modelling to something that meets these criteria.

    Or you can simply approximate it from what images you can find and make it 'good enough', and state that you were constrained because you didn't have physical access nor detailed drawings.

    EDIT: Either way, you should probably consult your instructor. Assuming that Honda does not come through for you.
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    Yes You're right I've been thinking of it. I should change the model because very difficult to find the detailed drawing. Thank You Sir for Your Advise.
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