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Need help for my project

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    can anyone give me a simple design of stirling engine that can work 80 degrees Celsius, because I'm having a hard time designing my own stirling engine.

    i appreciate all assistance and suggestion for completing my project, thank you
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    need help

    can we generate electricity from sauna spa using stirling engine or thermoelectric generator(TEG) device.

    help please i really need a answers so that i can begin my project.
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    Re: need help

    Sauna spa? Can you be more specific?
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    Re: need help

    A Stirling engine can be used to generate working energy from heat, however, keep this in mind: all Stirling engines have a chamber that has to be cooled. If the entire thing is placed in a hot environment, it will quickly reach thermal equilibrium and grind to a halt. You'd essentially have to have one chamber sticking out the door.
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    Re: need help

    Same thing with a Peltier. Think of it as a solid state sterling engine if you want, it will only generate voltage if there is a temperature differential between the top and bottom sinks. I did a similar project making an Ipod charger that used a candle on one side of a Peltier and a CPU heat sink on the other side to generate volts. I then regulated the output to a steady 5v to charge the ipod. (although current is very minimal) I can't imagine how bad the output would be from a hot tub.
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    i want to design a steam power cycle with thermal efficiency of 40% under the condition that all turbines have isentropic efficiencies of 85% and all pumps have isentropic efficiencies of 60%
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    @ kaksmet..
    sir what i mean is if i can use a stirling engine in a SAUNA SPA or Steam bath spa with the temp. 60-100 degrees Celsius.
    because my project is concerning about the temp that is dissipated in a sauna spa.
    in sauna spa almost 60-70% of the temp are wasted and only 30-40% are being used.

    or i rather use a thermoelectric generator
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