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Need help from expert

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    Hi, Just got some question with some function.. which I'm not really sure about the answer!!

    Question as below


    My answer for Question 1
    Is that the right way to present the signal???

    My answer for Question 2

    For f(t-2)

    For f(2-t)

    For f(-t)

    For -f(t) [Not really sure about this] Am I do it correctly????
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    A sine wave in the time domain has a delta function representation in the frequency domain. The height of the delta function is related to the amplitude of the sine wave; the position along the frequency axis is related to the frequency of the sine wave. Obviously, smaller period implies higher frequency.

    The answers to question 2 appear to be correct.

    - Warren
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    Am I doing it wrongly?? Since the amplitudes are given as 0.5 for part a) and part c) and 1 for part b).. That's why I just wrote them on the frequency domain.
    Is that any possible way for you to show me something in picture?? Thank Alot for your help.. Appreciated
  5. Nov 12, 2006 #4
    Anyone here know how to add and multiply two function together??

    Question Part1
    Question Part2
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