Need Help Grade 11 physics question

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Need Help Grade 11 physics question!

The question is something like this I am not sure exactly because it was on my test.

Tarzan is running at 8.0 m/s and jumps onto a vine. How high above the bottom of his swing will he go ?

Plz help i have no clue how to do this
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1/2mv^2 = mgh
1/2v^2 = gh
h=1/2(8)^2/10=3.2 m
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You must know his velocity in the Y direction or up. If you were given and angle, then it can be broken down.

If he only has a velocity of 8 m/s in the X direction, then he will not leave the ground.

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thanks a lot i figured it out i got the same answer as u 3.2 i think i need to find the velocity so do i just double the 3.2 and make it 6.4?
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meister hit the nail on the head.
What do you mean find the velocity? When he starts off, his X velocity is 8 and his Y is 0; at the peak of his swing, both x and y are 0.
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I see now, I was reading it as how far up he would jump onto the swing?


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