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    Every gram of a sweetended puffed corn cereal provides about 16kj of energy. How much cereal would a baseball pitcher need to eat to provide for the energy needs of pitching a whole complete game ? You may assume the picher uses a 100j of energy for each pitch and that he throws 105 pitches during the game. Also his body is only 25% efficient in converting food energy into useful energy.
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    Do something yourself on the problem, don't just ask others to do it for you! You should be able to answer these questions:

    How much energy will the pitcher exert in the entire game?

    Since his body is only 25% efficient in converting food energy, how much food energy does he need to produce that much usable energy?

    How much cereal does he need to eat to get that much food energy?

    How dumb is he to get all of his energy from sweetened puffed corn cereal?
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