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Need help in Fortran

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    I've recently stated using Fortran (I downloaded 'Silverfrost') and am hitting a block. I've learned the basics, but I can't find any more tutorials.

    My professor (who I plan on doing research for) suggests that I get familiar with Fortran, especially integration of functions. I do not have the strongest comp-sci background, so if anyone knows of any websites, tutorials, or any type of guide out there for Fortran, I would appreciate some help; or even personal advice!

    Obviously, being on the internet I've searched for one, but I haven't came back with much luck.
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    you might try looking at the Open Source Physics website www.compadre.org/osp where they use java to do comp simulations of physics. There are sample simulations that integrate the equations of motion for pendulums and springs... that can give you an idea on how its done.
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    Did you need to order the book, or did you download it online?
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